Frequently Asked Questions

Will insurance cover my blood draw?

-If a provider requested your lab draw and has provided you with a lab referral, then the cost of your lab work will be covered.  The only cost that may not be covered is the convenience fee from Your Time Medical for a mobile or on-site blood draw.  However, a super-bill can be created for you, and it will be up to the patient to submit this to the appropriate insurance company.  We do not guarantee that any insurance will issue a credit for this, and it is up to the insured to cover the cost with Your Time Medical up front. 

Do I have to drop off my blood sample after collection?

-No, Your Time Medical will take care of everything from meeting you, drawing a sample, and delivering it to the relative lab for your medical provider to receive the results.  

Does Your Time Medical do blood draws for children and those with special needs?

-Absolutely!  We pride ourselves on being able to care for all those who need it.  We have experience dealing with individuals from all walks of life.  Check out our reviews to see our patient experiences with children and those with special needs.

What is an IV Party?

-An IV Party is any appointment made for 6 or more individuals who would like to get our IV Hydration services at the same time.  For these parties, our entire menu is available, and discounts will apply.  Call today for more information.

Why is IV Hydration and Nutrition better than my daily vitamin supplement pills?

-The IV delivers 100% of each vitamin into your bloodstream by bypassing the digestive system. You get a much higher concentration of vitamins than you can ever get via oral intake. Immediately after getting your treatment, you begin to benefit from increased hydration and the effects of the vitamins kick shortly after. 

How far does Your Time Medical Travel for mobile services?

-Your Time Medical services Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas Counties, and other surrounding areas.  Call today to get us on the road!

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