Tired of waiting hours at the lab for your SCHEDULED appointment?? YOUR WAIT & WORRIES ARE OVER! 


Service for all Patients including children, adults and everyone in between. 

(Specimen drop off at your insurance approved Laboratory.)

Convenience Fee For Mobile Lab Draws

Pricing starts at $50

Your Time Medical Mobile Phlebotomy services provide convenience and flexibility by allowing a blood specimen to be collected in the home, at the workplace, or during an event. Your Time Medical can complete a venipuncture in 10-20 minutes.

Your Time Medical is committed to safety — single-use, sterile, disposable needles are always used to collect the specimen and vinyl gloves are always worn. In response to COVID-19, even more stringent safety precautions have been implemented.

Specimens are then securely and safely transported to a designated laboratory. From blood draw to delivered results, specimens are sent through a detailed process to ensure specimen integrity.

We are passionate about working with all types of patients including children and those with special needs. Some individuals may have a hard time getting blood work performed outside their comfort zone, that is where we come in! We provide our patients with an easy, memorable experience without the traumatic side effects.


Contact us today to make your worries go away! We are here to not only make your patient's life easier, but to make yours as well. See our Corporate Contracting page for more details!